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Carbon Cleaning

Gas Direct Injection (GDI) Engines are more efficient and deliver more power, however they all have a common problem - Carbon build up. Carbon build-up can negatively effect gas-mileage, engine performance, and eventually cause running issues and break-downs. Most manufactures recommend Intake Cleaning Services every 48,000 kms. We offer both Chemical Carbon Cleanings & Walnut Blasting (read more below.)

Walnut Blasting For Carbon Removal

Walnut Blasting is the traditional method of Intake Cleaning, and it is still necessary in some situations. Walnut Blasting requires removing the intake manifold and "blasting" walnut shells into the intake ports while simultaneously vacuuming out carbon deposits.

Walnut Blasting is still necessary for severe carbon build-up, especially when it has already caused a running issue or check engine light.

Walnut Blasting is a lengthy process, and we generally ask that customers drop their vehicle off for the day for this service. Prices are vehicle-specific. Please contact us for a quote on Walnut Blasting for your vehicle.